We operate a fleet of Semi, B-Double & Road Train Water Tankers. Our tankers are equipped with rear, batter sprays & gravity sprays plus every tanker is set up to connect to a stabilizer. Some of the Tankers are also equipped with Automatic Water Cannons. The tankers are all baffled to prevent water from surging, both front to back, and side to side. The baffling makes the tankers far more “driver friendly” and a lot safer to operate on hills and slopes.

All of our gear is on a rigid maintenance management plan, and because of the vast array of locations that we work at (as you will see on the recent jobs and references attachment), we have mechanical services available to us in most locations (including remote locations). Because of this, we have a full maintenance history available at any time.

All gear is equipped with GPS tracking and monitoring and Sat Phones are available for use in every Truck. All trucks meet the requirements of the mining and resource sectors (ie. oil spills kits, wheel chocks, first aid kits, snake bite kits, park brake door alarms etc)

We only have top quality equipment. As part of our procurement policy, we believe that you only get what you pay for, so there is no substitute for good gear.

Each Truck always arrives on site with a folder that contains all necessary SWMS, JSA, MSDS, incident/injury forms, Insurance, current weed certificate etc etc.

Most of our drivers are already origin & QGC inducted and have completed VOC’s and Rii courses for Bulk Water Truck Operations & Civil Construction Water Cart Operations. We have enough staff available to cope with permanent work or even 24/7 jobs.

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